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I have applied for and received call backs from this employer for an Aux operator or Aux operator trainee positions twice.  Both times they wanted me to come in, test, interview, and start work within 2 weeks, with a relocation.  I tried to take vacation from my current job but was unable to get a day in their one week test/interview time frame.  I really like the area and want the job, but they are completely ridiculous with their time expectancies.  I talked to their HR director and she told me she understood and that they were trying hard to work with the supervisors to give more time for hiring and transitioning.  Frankly it seems like they could only be interested in someone who does not currently have a job and is just sitting around waiting for them to call.   

Stop whining, your situation is not THEIR problem. They most likely have at least 500 applications for this job, most likely they are hiring about 15 candidates. You are not unique. They are not going to change their time frame for any single candidate when they have many candidates who are equally or better qualified. The plants have time tables based on instructor availability and manning plans. They are not going to change those for an unknown quantity.

It's called a buyer's market. You are the seller.

Welcome to Commercial nuclear. you want the opportunity to earn six figures in a couple years? call in sick. Don't expect anything different from another company. Sure your intelligent, just like everyone else this Industry hires. 


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