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APS (Arizona Public Service)

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Btw the PM from PV reads this page and at times posts on it

As far as APS goes they are pretty much the only game in town that has a guaranteed spot at the nuclear table out west.  And the biggest with 3 units.  That kinda gives them carte blanche to do things more along the way they want to do them.  Arizona is like the south of the west: they dig their nukes and will most likely keep them. Yeah Diablo is still going but they are on the way out probably,, and Columbia is a single unit so precarious.  Right nowPalo is probably loving life because although things have been fairly bleak for nuclear since 2011, it may be on its way up due to the carbon thing.  So the job market is flush with nuclear peeps wanting jobs in a supposedly shrinking market, yet nuclear is getting all kinds of green street cred right now albeit the mainstream consensus is nuclear power is still bad.  So APS has a strong position as far as hiring goes it seems; if you want to be out west and in nuclear they are about it, so just realize if you work for them it may be my way or the highway relative to most other nukes.


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