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Talk about this company.  Don't forget to vote.

How is the working environment in Fermi2 plant? i am thinking about moving there as I have lived in Detroit for about 10 years.
Not sure how to proceed as the management going to let me know next week if I am hired as a non-licensed operator.
Salary is one factor, it would be great to know the ballpark of fully qualified non-licensed operator gross yearly income.

thanks a lot.

Can't really vote, as DTE is the only utility for which I have worked.  But I have worked at Fermi 2 for over thirty years if that means anything to anyone as far as what type of a company it is.


--- Quote from: shakilnuke on Feb 06, 2015, 04:32 ---How is the working environment in Fermi2 plant?............

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well, look at it this way:

in the 7 plus years this thread has existed no one has posted on it to complain,...

and people love to complain,.... :P :) ;) 8)

Very good point :)


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