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--- Quote from: Roll Tide on Dec 20, 2007, 08:25 ---They tried a merger with FP&L. It was a real horse-race to see who was more negative in treatment of employees. I would think those two companies are about even in employee treatment, based on what I heard at the time (2000?)

--- End quote ---

Having worked for both I would say that Entergy is worse to it's barginning unit employees. I think the Training at FPL was far better then Entergy and FPL pays better. Entergy is probably better to the SROs but they don't get overtime and I know the SROs at FPL do.

Just my personal experience.

Hello to All,

    My brother has worked for entergy for at least 15 years in at least three locations; at present he and his family live and work in Tatum, Tx and have been there for i think 6 years; his field is "instrumentation" and he has always recieved time and a half for overtime; He just told me that he will soon be cut to straight time pay for overtime worked! I feel for him and his kids and was hoping someone here had the skinny on what's up here. Can they do it legally? If so then what legislation gives them the right and how would they be able to get away with this?


Anyone know if Entergy allows internal transfers to different sites?

We have several in the last 6 months transfer from one site to another.

I have worked for Entergy for the last 2 years. Seeing how this is my first civilian power plant, I don't think it's that bad. Except for the fact that they really do treat our union like crap. I guess like every company out there they have good qualities and bad qualities.


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