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With the advent of MySpace and Faceplace and all the other personal meet and greet sites (I have one), do we want to put those links here? I haven't thought it all the way through so before I do, I wanted to hear the pros and cons. I read so much of what everybody writes, I'd like to put a person to it that exists outside of NukeWorker. I mean classic NukeWorkers like SloGlo, Troja, Warren, Marrissm, Comments?

the nice part about alot of those social networking sites is you can make some information private to non friends and even friends on your list on those sites. 

Dave Warren:
I have a MySpace page and a Yahoo 360 and Classmates.
I have had several people find me that I hadn't talked to in years.
I could put a nukeworker link on my MySpace and vice versa, with Mike's approval.
I have had people search my name on Google and 100% of the time, there is something from nukeworker or myspace.
I send a loud YES to this proposal.

Dave, you should join my myspace friends list:,11698.msg63601.html#msg63601

I have never been to any of those sites and have not yet even had an urge to.


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