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I don't really like smores but I understand the comparison. I need a little more info than that. What does it give you that MySpace don't? Easy of use? Options? Layouts? Ease of contact? Photos downloads?

Camella Black:
Okay, lets put it this way, I'm  not a technical type person, more of artistist so my answers aren't going to help you with the technical side but I can tell you that I dropped my space like a hot potato after finding face book.

Games right on your site, interactive games/surveys with others. Extremely easy to use. Layouts are a little different but you pick what you want on your lay out from various applications they offer. Contact is easy. You can either write on someones wall where its public or you can send them a message and you have the options of face book sending you an email and telling you that you have new messages.

Photos downloads are a snap. In my opinion facebook operates a lot easier, quicker and is more user friendly.

my only gripe compared to myspace about facebook is the way you would find friends....myspace gives you the ability to do a bit of social networking based upon interest and what not where as facebook limits your searches to email addy and what not. 

im not claiming to be an expert though im still new to sound like a pro Camella any thing im missing?

Camella Black:
You can actually look for friends in a couple of ways that I know of, one you can do a search say for "Star Trek" and it brings up groups you can join which has various members who all like Star Trek.

The other is under your personal profile if you have listed that you like CSI, if you click on CSI it will take you to fellow members that are in your area that like CSI. I will ask my daughter if there is any other way she is a whiz on the computer.

The main difference I have noticed is the back ground thing, but to tell you the truth I don't miss them as many of them take forever to load.


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