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--- Quote from: rotag on Nov 05, 2007, 01:07 ---As a First Line Supervisor with Exelon (which is the largest nuclear fleet) you will enjoy the following.........

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Exelent post.


--- Quote from: rotag on Nov 05, 2007, 01:07 ---As a First Line Supervisor with Exelon (which is the largest nuclear fleet) you will enjoy the following.........

- you can be the 2nd or 3rd supv. of what is supposed to be a 4 man supv. team (they never completely fill the 4th, so right from the start your SOL).
- you will enjoy 10-11 hour days when it's not your Duty Week.
- you will enjoy 11-13 hour days when it is your Duty Week (this IS non-outage)
- you will be given your very own pager almost immediately and they will place you on the ERO roster.  That means atleast 1 week out of the month, you can't be more than an hour from work and you can't have 1-drop of alcohol.
- when it's not your duty week, a buddy will tell you he needs help.  He needs you to cover his week because he has concert tickets.
- you will be handsomely rewarded with about 20 vacation days each year plus the normal holidays ('cept ya can't use all of them cause something important will come up and they are gonna "need you here")
- you will be told about the great bonus structure and incentive programs where you can earn between 11-15% for 'doing good', then you will get about $2300.00 in February followed by the "I wish it could be more...." speech because the company had a tough year.
- your kids won't know ya.
- you and your wife will fight.

Best of luck, man.

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Exelon demands alot from their people. I guess you could draw the conclusion that this is the same at every plant in the industry........

I have no experience with maintenance. However, it does seem to be a very reactive job, vice proactive.

Yes--I have heard about Exelon-------Specifally I am trying to find out about average hrs/week for Electrical Supervisors at Riverbend (Entergy) or Beaver Valley (First Energy Corp) I am assuming 50-55/week for the entire year?? Anyone know anyone in Maintenance at either of these plants?? Thanks ;D ;D ;D

Joe Ferguson:
Sorry- I have no contacts there.  You are right, you can expect about 50+/- hours per week as a supv in any discipline.  There is alot of admin duties before your crew gets to work and then again after they leave.  First in - last out, right?  The big 'E' is a little different than other utilities when it comes to their management style.  They don't just ask alot from their supv.'s - they demand it.  Generally, utilities are basically the same regardless of where you go.  Some utilities actually care about their employees, and others just say they do.
Well, I just got hired in as a Mechanical Maintenance First Line Supervisor at Exelon, and to tell you the truth, I couldn't love it more.  I actually enjoy waking up, at four in the morning, and going into work which is a first.  This is my first post Navy job and I was a six and out so shoveling horse crap for $10/hr would be better.  Honestly though, I couldn't imagine finding a better job, the pay is excellent and the people I work with are even better.  I have been doing it for a short time but I am really happy with the job.  I could see myself there for a long time to come.  Things that rotag said are true though, with the exception of the annual bonus incentive which I know for a fact is a lot more.  It all depends on how you take the negatives with the positive.  To some people the glass is half-full and to others the glass is half-empty, I guess you have witnessed the two ends of the spectrum.



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