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Thinking of going to Humboldt Bay never been there. Need to know everything, plant, area, etc. Need a hotel or cabin with a kitchen (bringing the kids) to start then a house to rent.
Already know about the Alpha Nightmare I would be walking into.


Already Gone:
Start here:   http://www.nukeworker.com/maps/facility/HumboldtBay3.html

There is probably a reason why there is not a lot of info on NukeWorker about HB.  It has been idle for 31 years, and not a lot of people work there.  However, I'm hopeful that somebody who has been there recently can help you out.  Good luck.

 Housing is always available..... but buyer beware....... many of the rentals posted are offered by the infamous 215 growers.

I managed to find a place quickly out here, and there is several "Coporate Housing" facilities in town as well.

The weather is not the greatest, too much fog at the plant and not a day over 70 since I got here.


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