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Read the 'LOOKING FOR' Rules first!


It is nice to have a place to put up a "flyer" so that friends can know we wish to contact them.

·   People can look for their long-lost friends.
·   Long-lost friends can be found if they want to be found.
·   Long-lost friends can know who is looking for them, and to ignore them it if they wish.

NukeWorker’s policy is that the ‘looking for’ section is like a physical bulletin board - you post the name of the person you wish to find plus a way for them to contact you (typically via NukeWorker PM or email).  If they wish to respond they will. 

If you are an interested third party seeing the posting, simply call the posting to the attention of the party being sought.  It is the decision of the person being sought to respond or not.  DO NOT post contact information of others.  This includes “Last I saw him was at (site name) 10 years ago”, or “He has a house job at (site name)”.

If you know how to contact the person being sought, and are interested in facilitating the reunion, then you contact the person being sought, and let them make the decision.  All you need to do is click on the "Send Topic" button at the top or bottom of the page, next to the "Print" button.  Then simply email a link to the person being looked for.  Or call them and tell them to look on NukeWorker.

Additionally, Do not start a topic with ‘Looking For’ or any derivation of that.  Just put the person’s name, nothing else. The topic already has “Looking for:” in the title. Some poor moderator has to spend time going in and removing that bit of visual clutter.

Special thanks to Beercourt for establishing these rules.


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