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ELT? Unheard of! Keel haul comes to mind.

Any ELT's that know how to sample looking for orders?

Roll Tide:
I remember in another thread an EOOW was challenged on his ability to adequately screen out BS from the ELTs. Looks like their is a reason you must have a high level of discrimination in evaluating what has come up.

Never give away your signature as a rubber stamp. It is your vow.

Why DO they call it RADIO Chemistry, anyway?

He's an E.L.T.
and he squats to p**
and he don't do d*** all day
and I guess you heard he's a lazy t***...

(another old steaming song comes to mind...)

Hey watch officers, if you don't have to charge every few weeks, or if there's no yellow bag trash somewhere, someone must be blowing off samples.

Rad Sponge:
All I can say is,

How the fudge did this get out of nucleonics?


How freaking hard is it to be the underway or duty ELT that you can't do a primary on a daily basis?


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