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As a reminder, Daylight Saving Time has been moved back one week effective this year.  The Fall time change will occur next weekend, November 4.

For those of you who have idotic cell phones (like my Cingular Treo 750).  Change the time setting to GMT -4 until next week.  Then you will have to change the setting back to GMT -5 to account for DST after the switch.

My cellphone did just fine, but my computer adjusted... I have it tied to a source I thought was reliable. Caused a bit of confusion, but I am used to that state.

There is an update for the DST change for the Treo 750:

Additionally, if you are using a windows system, you need to run the dst update for whatever OS you have.  I had to run around and install it on all my servers last spring, it's very easy to install. 

Thanks for the info on the Treo.  I'll do that now.


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