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How is the stability in the Nuke world?  (I mean the jobs, not the people :P)

Background to my question:
I have been given copies of "Who Moved My Cheese" by 4 previous employers.  All 4 times I was laid off within 30 days.  My current employer has required us to read . . .yep!  You got it! 

I am tired of starting over!  Is there stability in this field?


Nice avatar.

I don't think you will find greater stability, but I could be wrong.  Typically, we nukeworkers have to be able to adapt quickly to change.

I worked for Constellation (formerly Baltimore Gas & Electric) and was given a copy of "Who Moved My Cheese" and an all-day presentation (seemed like 3 days) that went into agonizing detail of the book. Everyone was panic stricken even though the company had never had a layoff in over 175 years of doing business. I wasn't worried because I had been a contract technician for a a couple of decades and had been laid off about 50 times or more.

When the layoff happened, lots of people who had worked for 'Ma Gas' since high school had no idea what to do. I called 1-800-225-0385 (after 13 years I didn't even have to look it up) and was working again as soon as I wanted to.

Stability? Depends on your definition.

I remember that day well, Roger. I was a new operator at Calvert. We got taken into a classroom on our training week. There were these ladies no one had seen before making us popcorn. Then they showed us a cartoon of the mice and cheese. These ladies were part of a company hired to come in and evaluate the plant for layoffs. The popcorn was such a nice touch. Basically they were telling us with that cartoon it is our fault if we get laid off because we didn't see the writing on the wall. It was like the movie " Office Space" which ironically came out about the same time.
 Of all the departments on site, Ops was relatively the safest as far as lay-offs. Rad-con took a few hits along with admin. Engineering got hit the worst and it still does. This company still has "Staffing Studies". They still find a way to get rid of more people to make room for VPs. Ops still seems to be the safest as far as stability. It seems like they are always looking for new operators.
 They want to do away with HP contractors for outages. They share the house techs between the other 2 nucs that Constellation runs during their outages. I don't feel they will ever be able to get to a "no contractor outage" but they are doing it with less.
 If you want stability, put in for an Ops position. All you have to do is pass the POSS. We had an operator hired here right out of high school.
Good luck.

Roll Tide:

--- Quote from: RDTroja on Oct 30, 2007, 08:02 ---I called 1-800-225-0385 (after 13 years I didn't even have to look it up) and was working again as soon as I wanted to.

--- End quote ---

For the benefit of the initiator of this thread (and any other nuke wannabe or rookies), that is the big direct line to Bartlett, the 400 pound gorilla in the nuclear industry. I have used the number myself (under different circumstances). Anyone except OPS has a shot at being hired by Bartlett for contract outages (no offense, but the recruiter didn't have a clue what to do with my resume until I deleted "licensed operator" and "AUO").


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