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Well, the Who Moved My Cheese posters are all up on the walls now, and the HR lady is coming down next Tuesday.  I hope the good folks in Farley liked my interview, or that McGuire liked my resume' because I have that feeling . . .

I would say 'good luck' but I really think the lucky ones are the ones that get to leave. The people that stay have more work to do with fewer resources and the added fun of a little guilt and the sorrow of watching their friends leave. The work environment NEVER improves.

Sorry about that.

It's hard to figure out todays employers, (House & Contractor).  Employment at will, seems to be a venue only afforded to the employers, not the employee!  If they give you a ten second notice, that's perfectly acceptable.  If you give them any type of notice, your dung!  One major utility recently under went a reorganization, or whatever you call it, and the ones who left were overwhelmed with offers.  The ones who stayed have been overwhelmed with the use of the FAX machines!

As far as who moved the cheese? 

I'd have to read about it, I wouldn't be around long enought to experience it!


Hmm let me see...Stability. ::) If you are young and married with children, you may want to rethink your budding career choice as a migrant nuclear worker. Why? it's because several things may (and will) occur. :( For example:  a) You will not be married for very long.  b) Any problems with the kids cannot be settled over the phone.  c) It gets real expensive to maintain two "households" on only YOUR outage income!  d) No matter how may times you ask your spouse, "Are you okay with me being on the road for a few months?" THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS NO, EVEN IF THEY SAY YES!! The divorce rate for travelling nuke workers is as high as the stress levels it causes!!!!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( Just ask anyone who has 20+ years in 'da bizzness. Just a little food fer thought! ;)

My favorite part of Staffing Studies are when they implement the Staffing Transition Plan, OR the Staffing Excellence Plan then 2 years later have more workers out there than they had to begin with because they find they can't get along without a certain position, then end up having to hire two people because the one they let go was doing the work of two.

My other favorite is when a company puts out the flyer 2 months prior to benefits signing up time and it says prepare for exciting new changes to your benefits. Oddly the end result has never once had me as excited as the buildup to the potential exciting announcement.



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