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Drinking Water in radiological areas

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Nine Mile Point has a sweet setup  on their refuel floor.  They have a Butler building where the supervisor or lead tech sits and had direct communication with the HP's on the floor and where they keep track of dose.  If someone needs water all they have to do is have HP monitor their face and then put on a new pair of surgeons gloves and the supervisor will hand them an open bottle of water thru the window.  worked very well and we had no facial contaminations.

Having seen this (and used them) in the RCA during RFL's - they are great for those in need of a drink during heated periods of time.

My background as the LELT on our boat made me very squimish about it - but in the Commerical World - things are a bit 'different'.

Simply put - if you can control people from wiping their face with crap and provide a foot operated chilled water fountain, I think you're good in letting them have a swallow of water while they're sweating their collective arses off.

I've yet to see anyone have an issue with it or suffer adverse consequences as a result of having this kind of setup available.



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