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--- Quote from: BeerCourt on Nov 17, 2007, 04:03 ---This is great!!!  We all wanted to copy this and keep it, but it was part of a classified publication.  (T-2 Incident Case Histories)
How did you get it?

--- End quote ---

Someone copied it years ago - I think they are still looking for him or her.  I found a copy on the interwebs using google - number 1 search result is:

Looks like it has been copyrighted  :o

The original #13 asked you to produce element 107, vice 119, which I have found to much, much easier. Also #8 was modified to a different computer than the original 7600 CPU.

Hey, if a curmudgeon like Hyman G Rickover thought it was funny -
its Officially Funny.

He was so foul tempered, for a few years, I thought his middle initial was F.


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