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Where do I start and am I even qualified? Who is hiring? I have over 25 years of operating chemical plants including pipefitting experience and R&D work. Also quality assurance. I've tried the regular job application route and get no response-- because I'm over 50? My current contract job is over next month. Any suggestions? Also, I've done a bunch of "chemical" hazwoppers--does this apply?


Jackybob, you may find you won't get a response this time of the season just due to the fact that the fall is closing up and the kinks are being working out for the spring.  Many of the threads on the boards have great resources for looking for outage work.  It just depends on what you would like to do.  I suggest browsing the list of employers that use nukeworker for job postings and looking at their sites.  This time of year outages are slim to none, fall and spring are the busy season for this type of work.  I wish you luck!

I know that the last few outages at Farley we have had trouble getting enough pipefitters.  Maybe try the pipefitter local as well. 


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