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chem boy:
I am getting ready to get out of the Navy as an ELT and want to work in commercial nuclear power.  I am leaving the Navy with my government security clearance.  My concern is that my wife and I filed for bankruptcy in 2001.  Will this prevent me from working in commercial nuclear power?  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

RP Instructor:
A credit check will be performed as part of your background investigation, should you be asked to interview for a position. Will it prevent you from working in commercial nuclear power? Not likely. I seriously doubt the issue will be addressed during your interview. I definitely wouldn't volunteer the information (during the interview), but be prepared with an explanation should the issue come up.

Melissa White:
It will not stop you from getting a security clearance, but it is a security issue.  Keep a copy of your bankruptcy discharge documentation, and provide full disclosure in any security paper work that you fill out.  You don't have to mention it during an interview..That's normally not what human resources is looking for.

In the security world, a person with financial problems is considered a security risk because they may be subject to coersion (sp-5?).  Once the bankruptcy is discharged, the threat goes with it.

It's security who'll usually ask you what lead to the bankruptcy in the first place.  Commonly it's: "too many bills, not enough bucks". 

Already Gone:
Actually Chem Boy, You won't be leaving with your security clearance.  It's going to go away the second you are discharged.  But, not to fear. It is totally useless out here anyway.  DOE has completely different clearances and commercial plants are required to do their own.  What you will have is your FBI file, conviction record, and credit report.  You're also going to have to keep filling those little plastic bottles, so keep off the grass.
You're going to need your DD-214 for the first go-round.
I wouldn't sweat the bankruptcy.  It would be more of a problem if you still had big debts.  Just be sure to keep up whatever payments you have now.
So, when are you getting out, and where do you want to work?  We really need some fresh meat out here.

chem boy:
Beer Court,
     I will be getting out around the middle of April.  I want and need to work in NC due to family reasons.  If you have any contacts in NC, I would greatly appreciate it.


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