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In reference to your name chemboy I work at Shearon Harris and they have posted a chem tech spot on the website if you want to check it out. ;D

Here's my 2 cents on the background clearance. HR doesn't have anything to do with backgrounds. However, Security does. Be forthright, declare everything, DO NOT try to hide anything! Burdenbody is right, they will find out. If you're clean everywhere else the money problems will be discounted. Credit history only counts against you when you have problems with other things, i.e. criminal history, references, and so forth. Credit history in of itself is not enough to deny unescorted access.

Buckeye Fan:

I am a new member to this board and a security at officer at a nuke plant.  "Trustworthy & Reliable" is what they are looking for, just explain your situation and accessing should have no problem and you should be able to get badged. 

Buckeye Fan

Disclose the bankruptcy on your Personnel History Questionnaire and you will absolutlely never hear about it again and never have a problem aquiring UA.

What about DUI's?  I have 2 prior's, one as a teenager and one shortly after turning twenty-one.  I have been perfectly clean since then(about 4 years), but realistically, will this stop me from getting hired as an NLO?


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