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Nuclear NASCAR:

--- Quote from: Bri111 on Feb 08, 2005, 07:59 ---What about DUI's?  I have 2 prior's, one as a teenager and one shortly after turning twenty-one.  I have been perfectly clean since then(about 4 years), but realistically, will this stop me from getting hired as an NLO?

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If you've been clean for 4 years that shouldn't stand in the way of your clearance.  As has been stated many times, Don't hide anything!!  Be completely honest all the way through. 

     Actually the security clearence that you had in the navy will help you out.  It does not provide you with one out here but if you passed the background there (depending on your level)you should have no problem out here.  The other postings are correct as well as far as any DUIs or other issues that might come up.  The most important thing is to be honest.  When it comes time for a re-check (it can occur at any time and is random in nature) if a lie is discovered then you will have problems. 


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