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Roll Tide:
Try Bartlett, they have the HP outage contract for Duke. Duke has 2 plants near Charlotte, and one near Clemson. I think Bartlett has the CP&L contract also, if you need to be nearer the coast.

Best of luck to you.

RP Instructor:

.....should you choose to apply for a house tech position.

Duke Power: McGuire and Catawba outside Charlotte; Oconee in Seneca, SC (western part of the state, near Georgia)

CP&L (Progress Energy): Shearon Harris, outside Raleigh, NC; Brunswick, in Southport, NC (near Wilmington); HB Robinson, near Hartsville, SC (south-central part of the state).

I too wish you the best in your job search. It'll be frustrating, but keep at it. The Law of Averages says you'll hit pay-dirt.

chem boy:
Thank all of you very much for your information and advice, I really appreciate it.  It is pretty scary going out into the civilian world after spending all my time in the military.  Thanks again.

As a house mouse, I can tell you that you should disclose ANYTHING that might show up on a credit report, criminal record, whatever.  The NRC issued new security orders in January 2003, that basically makes them look for EVERYTHING now.  If you have a bankrupcy, disclose it.  They probably won't bother you about it if you admit it up front, but trust me, they will find out if you try to hide it.  We've had career folks get dragged in to security to explain things they "forgot" about, and even things that happened years ago.  For the old dogs who've been employed by a utility for 20 years they will do some forgiving, but a new employee?  Not very likely.  Human Resources could care less.  Their only concern is making an offer or not.  Those people aren't doing the background checks anyway.  If you are military, it will be easier for a background check, but expect to provide a 10 YEAR HISTORY.  Things have changed remarkably in the industry since September 11.  Good Luck!!!

Roll Tide:
Chem boy,
Without restating all the info the canoe club should be giving you, don't forget about the unemployment side of the house. Transition assistance should be able to tell you unemployment rates in your general area and prospective home. You can file in ANY state you choose, so choose well. I believe MA has the highest rate, with IL and WA having good rates also. Dischargees in CT find it advantageous to file in MA. The internet can tell you current unemployment rates, just make sure you compare YOUR prospective rates, not Max rates. Max rates may require 10 kids still living at home. :o

Once you register, check in with your local unemployment office or distance check in as allowed by your filing state. $500 a week should keep you going long enough to find a good nuclear job. Remember that all your job search expenses qualify as job expenses as long as it's the same field. I find the "Power Plant Worker" title lets me deduct any expense for any job I seek. Keep a log of trips and activities for unemployment / IRS, a dayplanner is enough with locations and distances as long as you use IRS per diem and mileage rates.

I know it is an exciting time for you. I went active duty three weeks after high school, and couldn't stand it when I was unemployed for the first time in my life. When I work outages and draw unemployment in between outage seasons, I have learned to relax more and enjoy that time with my family. Fair winds and following seas (with better pay).  :)


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