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What Kind Of Christmas Tree Do You Have?

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This year we are in the process of moving, so I just put up a  new 4' artificial white tree with just a few gold jingle bells, red musical twinkle bell lights and some candy canes.  The tree is also multi colored fiber optics.  Probably  next week we will go out and get the big real tree like we end up doing every year. Then we all put our decorations on it from years past.  Every year I buy my husband, son and  grandson a new ornament to add to our collections.

Were reusing the artificial green one we picked up when we first moved here due to the baby still being in that ooo im going to taste that age.  Most of the ornaments we already had but I splurged on some burgandy and gold ribbons, and gold bead garland instead of the usual stuff.  It does look quite nice....Ill see about putting some photos in my photobucket later and posting them.  Time to deck the halls of nukeworker!

I stopped putting up a tree when the boys left cause they were the ones that loved to decorate it...i dont like to. I do decorate the house...I have a penguin and snowman collection.

My mom on the ohter hand puts up a 6 foot prelite fake tree and theme decorates it every year...we have all the handmade orniments we made as kids and some family stuff...or she does gold and crystal....and this year it is all red white and blue...lots of american flags and navy ornements.

PS we need a nukeworker ornement!! perhaps i will take a bobblehead and put it on the tree.

The bobble head is a little heavy for a tree, perhaps the plush toy.

I thought about making NukeWorker ornaments...  I wonder how many we could sell...

Our tree is a fake white one, cause I'm alergic to the real deal.  We put the fancy silver and blue ornaments on it.

We also have a fake green one, that I make KAthy put up in the basement for the gaudy ornaments.

We put up a real tree every year. We usually head over to the market around the corner and carry one home just a couple days before Christmas. We decorate with all the usual stuff: tinsel, glass ornaments, but no lights. Seems that over here it is a tradition to use real candles.   :o
Needless to say, I was rather skeptical at first but the little candle holders you can buy here work really well and look great. And on Christmas Eve, which is when everyone opens their gifts here, we put a few sparklers on the tree and light them along with the candles. Looks great and our son Daniel is especially excited to see everything glowing and sparkling.  :)


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