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I have a 2 bedroom apartment for rent ~ 6 or 7 miles from the plant in St. Leonard. PM me if interested.

We have a Full Furnished Basement Apartment Located In Prince Frederick (approx. 15 miles from BGE).
Private entrance & walkway
Full Kitchen (oven, dishwasher, frig, microwave, etc.)
Full bath
2 bedrooms
Full living room
Cable TV/DVD
Private & Quiet!
Pictures upon request.

Please reply to: karajunebug@hotmail.com

If anyone out there in the e-ther has an apartment/room to rent or is looking for a house/roommate for this upcoming (spring 2009) outage then please send me a PM.  I am clean, quiet and a non-smoker. 

Last spring I stayed in a one bedroom studio in Leanardtown.  It was $500/month, $500 down.  It was clean, warm, and the landlord was nice and didn't invade your privacy.  He has two apartments attached to his his and also a small camper which I think he rents for $400/month.  Short term is okay.  I got all of my upfront back at the then end of the outage and the landlord didn't nic-pick when checking the place for cleanliness when checking it before I left.  If he still has the same number it is (240) 577-1883.  About 25 minutes from the plant.  Have fun at Calvert, the HP people there are great to work with.  I didn't feel like sub-scum there.


Thanks js.  I did manage to find a place over in Lusby.  Now akk I need is to know where the nearest wireless hotspot is. 


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