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Im working at VY right now and there are plenty of places to stay. you just have to get them now before fall folige season. here is a short list of places to call or check out on the net ....colonel motel brattleboro days inn...holiday inn the best place to look for rooms to rent and such is the brattleboro reformer on the net im not sure what the address was but if you type it up on a surch you should find it good luck and also if you no someone at the plant call them becoase therte seems to be more than a few listings on the bulitan board

Tower Light Inn Spofford Lake, NH 603-363-8154  
Lighthouse Realty Deerfield, MA 413-665-3727  
Rentals Only W. Dover, VT 800-833-0904  
Mount Snow Lodging W. Dover, VT 800-451-0311  
River Side Motel (New Hampshire) 603-256-6755  
Maddy Arms in Vernon rents nice rooms  
Golden Eagle Motel on Rt. 9 for less than another place in the area. Other Cataract workers had also stayed there during the outage. Its about 30 minutes from VY. The number was (802) 464-5540. Tell them your looking for a extended stay for work at VY and you should be able to get a deal on the rate.  
Kerry Cassidy's house is 1 1/2 miles from the plant, it's fully functional. Price very reasonable  

Camella Black:
I suggest you call now for booking. Many of the hotels I called to update were already booked.

Colonial Motel in Brattleboro VT 802-257-7733
Fall 2008 prices are:
Single Standard Room 47.00     Larger Room 60.00
Double Standard Room 57.00    Larger Room 70.00
(This is the weekly rate)

Others suggestions:

Motel 6 Putney Rd. in Brattleboro

The Econo Lodge on Canal St. in Brattleboro

The Fox Inn in Bernardston 
It's right off the highway approx. 20 minutes to VY.
1-800-436-9466  www.golfthefox.com

A good web site for other local motels/hotels is: www.dininginnewengland.com

Looks like I will be coming to VY for about 6 months.  Anyone hav any suggestions for lodging?

I am going to VY for the first time and do not know the area but I found a place in Greenfield, MA fully furnished.  The ladies name is Sabrina at Pine Ridge Estates and her number is 413-772-8701 www.pineridgeestatesapartment s.com. They seem very easy to work with. She says that she has more units available.
I will be starting in April and I am looking for a roommate if anyone is interested. I prefer someone I know but since I haven't been to VY not sure if I will.


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