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Always have a good time there ;D
Excellent place to work...GOOD people and they even feed you on Fridays!!!

Had a great time there in the early 90's. Nice folks, treated us as mostly human, even fed us upon occasion. '

Now those bastages next door .........that's another story!

Fitz is a great plant to work. The house folks treat everyone well. Lead-tech Linda is awsome. Hope the coordinator there now is better than the dave smith inc. years.

Just worked last outage.  Things have changed since Entergy took over (need I say more).  House techs and workers are still nice.  They are now in the lay off early mode. Laid off millwrights after 4 days (promised them 14).  Then laid off 3 hps after 1 1/2 weeks, all locals.  Then they wonder why locals won't come if there is a choice.  It was only a 3 week outage, and they promised only one lay off for the outage.   ???  Oh, well such is the game.Site coordinator is great.  


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