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Lorrie Henson:
Any updated info for this area?  Does anyone know of furnished apartments, condos, etc. or 2 room suites within a hotel? 


Nuclear NASCAR:
www.fultonsun.com Fulton is about 15 miles from the plant.  This site also has a link to the Jefferson City Tribune.  Jeff City is about 25 miles from Callaway and Columbia is about 45 miles away. 

Will be heading to Callaway the first of Sept. 2008 and need any info anyone might have on lodging.

I'd like to know also. The last 2 times I've been there, I've stayed at (and left) the Red Carpet lodge and then stayed at the "church camp" up the road from the plant. I'd like to find an apartment for the duration this time. Anybody have any suggestions? I think my wife's coming with me this time, so I'm looking for a decent place. Thanks. Butch

Does anyone have any suggestions on a place to stay during the outage?  I know there is a list, but I was hoping for input on where to stay or not stay from others personal experiences.  Thanks


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