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Mike McFarlin:
Nice area, nice folks, great apples. Great house of pain (Wellness Center) to work out.

So Unc... how fast was ya going?


My best (worst?) ticket was 29 miles over the speed limit.   Nearly had my license removed on the spot!  The officer "let me go with 29"  - I was actually doing 32 over.  But I went to court... was asked to lunch by the judge (I didn't go) ... and got the whole thing reduced to 10 miles over and a small fine.  The judge told me it was probably the car that was the problem (IROC Z)  he was sure that it was simply too much car for me.. and since I was new to driving it.. I probably didn't realize how fast I was going.  I just nodded in agreement with whatever he said. lol

It was also the ticket that brought my husband and I together... he drove by pointed and laughed as i was getting the ticket.   As luck would have it... he was going to the same location I was heading to... I told him he owed me a beer for being rude... we were married 2 years later.   By the same judge who reduced my ticket!  lol


     I was curious about sending resumes to the plant.  I am a former navy nuke (mm1/ss qualified ers) and was thinking about becoming an operator again.  In the time since I left teh navy, I finished a Masters degree in physics.  My email addy is phyteach2001@yahoo.com


EVERYONE has been telling me how great Ginna is, so I was surprised to see 3 people had ranked it "Below Average"...maybe they could elaborate a bit so I'd know if I want to go this fall?



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