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Lorrie Henson:
Does anyone have any info?  I'd like to see the possibilities of a furnished apartment/house or a condo.


i am a 3x hp returnee.

plant/people above average.

nearby non rv lodging was difficult/below average.

get ready to drive 40+miles from cleburne, stephensville or s. ft worth.

I've been going to Comanche Peak for years.  The people are above average and the plant is kept clean and is fairly easy to get around in.  The contractor techs are treated pretty much the same as the house techs.  While I have seen some personality clashes, those are typical where ever you go.  So far, all the people I've worked with have been great and helpful.

Close lodging in Glen Rose and Granbury is adequate, but nothing to write home about.  I've always stayed in Glen Rose (closest).  The toilet flushes, plenty of hot water, the beds are okay, the TV is okay, and I don't spend a lot of time driving to and from work.  And it's close enough to Fort Worth and Dallas for my days off (except on race day).  That's all I need (laughing).

Nuke Lifer:
I've worked 33 different plants, 25 years in the biz and will say, 'Comanche Peak is tops in my book'. Amicible staff and management.

But, if you're into night-life, this local area is not for you. Lodging is getting better and growing lime mad in Granbury. The next outage begining February 07 will be a biggy. Steam generators & head replacement. Just finished a 19 day outage successfully.

The on-site food leaves MUCH to be desired. $9 for a meal & drink. Pack a lunch.

Mike McFarlin:
Go to shadyoakscottages.com for a place to stay. Better hurry, cause things fill up fast.


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