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Talk about Limerick

Beaker....  Limerick  is an Exelon plant so 2 choices
either NPSW- "The Venture"...or work on the turbine floor with GE or Siemens not sure about which has the contract.
Metropolitan PA local handles the Limerick plant.
there number is (215) 569-1634

good luck

So what is going on at Limerick?? They called here this morning and said 14 techs left and they need people now. I'm thinking about going. Never been there.

Limerick just offered all of the techs here the option of working their 7th day because they are so short. When was the last time you saw 7/12s?

The plant is clean, the people are very nice and the conditions are good (if you don't mind snow). Unfortunately, if you aren't already here, it probably isn't worth the trip for a 16 day outage, and it starts in 6 days, so there won't be any lead time. Been here since the 2nd and I am enjoying it.

I'm new to nukeworker.  I'm looking to change careers.  I have a Environmental waste disposal background along with 11 years of experience in instructing/training radiological protection, detection and decontamination from the military.  I have been out for 15 years but am very confident that I still have what it takes to do the job.  I graduated top of my class in the military.  As Instructor I achieved an 80% graduation rate.  I'm looking to get in at limerick, applied for a couple of training positions.  Looking for any information I can get and any contacts to talk to, please help.


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