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Back in 92 I stayed at the military camp ground located a few hundered yards past the main gate.  They had complete accommedations for tents, trailers, 5thwheels and coachs.  It was very cheap.
If your there at the right time you may even have front row seats to a reinactment of the Battle For Grand Gulf.

Grand Gulf Military Park
(RV sites and camp sites)

Located less than a mile from the plant entrance.  Very reasonable rates.  Very nice folks to deal with.  Cell phone signal is not very good in that area. 


--- Quote from: LaFeet on Mar 20, 2006, 11:44 ---There is a retired diver there that has a "hotel" style set up.  Each room has two twin beds and its own bath plus a fridge.  There is a community kitchen (full sized) with laundry facilities as well.  Only about 15 minutes from the plant and faily cheap.

I will have to look up the number and repost.   Ohhhhh  he only likes to rent to HPs...

I dont know why :D

--- End quote ---

Bud Wilson is actually a retired decon superintendent from GGNS.  When he retired, he went to work with Al Seabrex doing diving work.  Maybe the reason he likes RP Techs is because he was in charge of decon when he worked at GGNS.

River Town Campground (4 miles south of Vicksburg)
5900 Hwy 61 South
Vicksburg, MS  39180

Ashland Trailer Park
1125 Grand Gulf Road
Port Gibson, MS  39150

Come on fellow roadies!!  Help me out on GG lodging!  Been all over the place, just not there!
All info is very appreciated!


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