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 8) pretty much what is posted by all these folks is what is there when I traveled I stayed in Vicksburg, Port Gibson is close alot of in house people rent rooms sometimes, alot of hotels but nothing reasonable cause of all the Casinos etc but if I were you stay in Vicksburg or have a trailer and stay at the above campgrounds.in town there may a few bed and breakfast places but you should check online for them in Vicksburg,Ms.there is much  more to do in Vicksburg..be careful on the access road  to the plant it is very winding and steep in places compare it a roller coaster ride!!that's right! :o hope this is some help   the local  newspaper there is the Vicksburg Post. the plant and the in house people are great !! always had a great outage there !hope this helps some Good Luck !!

Bought me a 5th wheel.  Life is good where ever I will go.  No worries.  Many places to stay, especially around Vicksburg....and cheap, cheap ,cheap!!

Hello all!  First time on here- I have been reading the posts for the last couple of days- there is really alot of good info on here!!  Thank you to whom ever posted Bud Wilsons contact info ( can not remember specifically, sorry).  I am doing the upcoming Grand Gulf outage- little nervous- been out of the biz for about 11 years- decided to get back in to it- seemed like the right thing to do at this time- I am actually looking forward getting back into swinging a meter.  Been studying like hell as the last time I took the NUE was back in 1998.  Has it changed much??  Or will the study guides that I have work for me??  Anybody else going to Grand Gulf?  Any info that anyone can give me would be great!!!
Sorry if this is in the wrong area-
Looking forward to conversing with everyone as I get more into this endeavour that I have under taken. ;)

nukeworker has about the best study material unless you have NRRPT study stuff.  the test is different now that is on the computer.  a few questions shouldn't have been on there but if you study some it is not that bad.  i was a house tech at ggns and got on the wrong side of somebody who thought they were really important.  i tried to go back this fall but there aren't any spines strong enough to let me come back there.  plenty of good techs there that will be glad to have you and help you.  look for sir dale.  he can lead you through the jungle there.  don

This hurricane heading toward the Gulf Coast, was Vicksburg lodging overrun when New Orleans and Biloxi were hit a couple of years ago?  Could this be a potential problem?


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