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Camella Black:
If anyone has a favorite hang out, place to shop, or local information for this area please post it here.

What kind of work is going on at LLNL? Who is the contractor? Any info would be helpful.

Stay away from Livermore.  They are getting ready to make some big cuts.  The management team here learned absolutely nothing from the Los Alamos transition.  They are making the same mistakes.

I was just notifed I am being laid off from LLNL yesterday. I have been working on a BS in Nuc. Eng. and have a year left to complete it with hopes to become an HP somewhere. Now I am stuck debating whether to utilize my Q clearance at another DOE complex or enter the civilian power plant world (I was an ELT submariner for 6 years).

I just don't know what to do at this point. It seems that the power plant option requires doing temporary work to get my foot in the door of a plant. I never really considered going to a power plant until now that I am faced with this situation.

FYI they are laying off 500 people immediately and possibly quite a lot more than that in January.

Looks like some of our guys are getting interviews with LLNL. Can someone tell the about LLNL ? What would be the pay expectation ? Cost of living in the area ? Where to live and not to live .  Adavantages to taking the job vs not taking the job at LLNL. Most of the guys are SRCT's from other DOE sites. Any input would be appreciated

Thanks !
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