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I liked Los Alamos-people were good. Not much to do there, but they do have Papa Murphys and the 50's Diner was good. Short term you can stay at the Ashley-they have large rooms and were remodeling so the prices for the rooms were dirt cheap back in the summer.

If you prefer housing instead of hotel-let me know and I can give you a contact for a condo behing White Rock training. Nicest place I found and price was reasonable.

Ladyinrad can you send me a private email so I can talk to you about Los Alamos and lodging..


--- Quote from: DJ@Clintonnomore on Jan 08, 2010, 10:09 ---Well Hell that's Something. Did you like working their?

--- End quote ---

I didn't dislike it, but I was only there a few months.

I'm here in Santa Fe and I have to say I miss Clinton Il a whole lot. NOT

Laundry Man:
If you like the outdoors, it is a great place.


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