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Anyone got any new info on Lodging in this area? Like to cook my own meals as I am a diabetic-motels/hotels not my top choice because of this-extended stay with kitchen would be sweet!

No extended stays there.  How ever, the apt rental place is very accommodating.  Shannon Corp has a lot of rentals in the area.  As far as hotels go, (and being a diabetic also), the hotel scene is not the best.

Spent almost a year there and absolutely loved the Santa Fe seen.  Lots of great ethnic food, art seen was fantastic, but not a whole lot of night life for a younger person.  Did a lot of traveling in the area and skiing in the winter.  I found that the drive from Santa Fe was worth the distance.  In spring, summer and fall the drive was about 30 to 40 minutes but winter was a little different.  Climbing the mountain to LA was in some cases a hazardous affair but they do keep it pretty clean when the opportunity arises.  Not much as far as housing in LA proper.  A lot of over priced homes and shabby apts.  Condos in SF are spendy but if you shop you can find the better priced ones.  Homes are generally very expensive.  Try to stay on the north side of SF and the trip is a lot easier.  They were building a lot of townhouse/condo type areas as I was leaving.  White Rock is very convenient but lacks a more respectable life style.  Good Luck.


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