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Stayed at Desert Gardens II last outage and the Unit 1 Maintenance outage last year.  Nice place, weekly rates, furnished, but expensive.  2 BR, 1 Bath was $2000/month furnished, electric water and phone included.  Swimming pool, workout room is included, and you can usually piggyback on wireless or rent one of their DSL's if you're there long enough.  It is a 40-50 minute drive to the gate, but it is mostly interstate.  Will be staying in Buckeye this outage at Main Street Lofts.  See ya there.

I stayed at Camelot in Buckeye this spring.  It is not furnished, rented furniture from rentway.  Total for a 2 bedroom with a washer and dryer was about $1500.00. Rent $950 and furniture $550.00.  The manager was great and let the furnture people in to deliver and pick up.  No hassles.  No internet,  free cable T.V. Not much in Buckeye but this was a good month to month no problems deal. 

Newbie with questions:

Anybody know any Trailer Parks in the area?  I'm hitting the road for the first time with the family 26' trailer (spacious for one, perhaps.  30 AMP).  Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated.  I'm finding nothing googling for Palo Verde trailer park locations, though this site does list a handful of relatively useless Phoenix phone number's.

I'm hoping that there's something much closer to Palo Verde than the Google Map results that place every park in the middle of Phoenix.  Further refining to the Wintersburg area get's me locations more westerly, but mostly repeats Phoenix locations.

I'll continue to look on my own, but any tips/info are appreciated.  Preference to a modern park (internet, etc.).  If it matter's, I'm heading in from southern Texas (Galveston).


--- Quote from: Camella Black on Sep 26, 2006, 04:39 ---You might try to rent a trailer from Linda at the Stage Stop at Wintersburg Rd. Call 623 386-1601

--- End quote ---
This is the trailer park behind the Wintersburg General Store.

Gotcha.  The subtleties of English across our country.  I was able to locate a pair of RV Parks in the Wintersburg area with refined searches and Google Earth.  I imagine "Stage Stop RV," 2 miles from Palo Verde, is the one you had been referring to.  Saddle Mountain RV is next, about 20 minutes away in the middle of Tonopah.

Gonna call them, get the info, and hopefully relay it here for the use of others.

Edit: It seems Stage Stop is mostly just the older of the two.  And closer, of course.  Saddlemountain RV is closed on Sunday's (today), but their web site did a fair job of answering the same questions I asked Stage Stop.  They (Stage Stop) claim to have more available as far as having a store, diner, etc. nearby.  I've decided to go with them, and reserved "their last slot" just now.  No idea if that was a really lame attempt to get another customer or not.  Doesn't matter - the newer RV park further away would have been consolation if that last slot was gone later anyway.  In this guys own words, both locations are "in the middle of nowhere," but I already knew that from Google Earth (~45 miles from Phoenix).

Other information I got was that it's $200/month + Electricty (dependant on what you use).  Internet and TV you also take care of.  I didn't ask about what the Direct TV setup normally costs people, but the internet was $29-$50 depending on what you wanted as far as bandwidth and limits, and is done by somebody they can refer you to.  I've seen these internet setups before...probably just a big square plate they aim at some transmitter they place in the middle of town or something - not normally the best connection, but it works.  Finally, they do have laundry/shower facilities.


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