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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

There was a hotel at southern end of the loop going to the plant that you could rent by the week.
There are 3 campgrounds on the access road:
One is across the street from the plant about  2 minutes to the door, but it is expensive.  
One is on the river.
And one is called "NALLS". It is at best an interesting place owned by an old guy with a heart of gold, whose name is Mr. Nall.  The old campground is run down but he is jewel and his prices are right. 334-696-4474. He is as old as dirt and hard of hearing. So speak slow and loud when you call.  
Many people stay at the Grand Villa or the La Vista trailer park (Denton road just off the circle) or Try the East gate Inn.

Best deal I found is at the Dothan Surburban Extended Stay.   I am only paying $200 a week after taxes.  Make sure you call them and tell them you are working at Farley if you make reservations online it will cost you like $60 more a week.

They rooms have a microwave, fridge, two stove burners, and free high speed internet.  It is in range of plenty of food and shoping, and almost a straight drive to work.

Here is the info for the hotel.

2880 Ross Clark Circle , Dothan, AL, US, 36301
Phone: (334) 673-9111     Fax: (334) 673-2111

Camella Black:
fueldryer, Dothan is not a bad place to live. My son and future daughter-in-law are there. She works for the plant. I can ask about lodging if you want me to, they may know something. Theres a mall, a nice selection of places to eat and best of all you're only a hour away from the best beaches in the U.S.

If you get a chance drive down to Port St. Joe, about 2 hours away. I grew up there and although small and out of the way the beach is wonderful and the seafood is the best around. Destin is also nice, but more commercial, you'll find a Hard Rock Cafe and outlet malls there.

Update, here's one motel I remember seeing: Dothan National Golf Club & Hotel 238.91 per week plus tax. 334-677-3321

STAY AWAY from Adams Inn.  Last week I stopped in there and initially it looked old, but okay.  Well, that night my room mates crawled all over.  Roaches were all over the place.  They refused to give me a refund! >:(  I couldn't afford to go elsewhere, so I sprayed my room and lived with them for a week.  Also, I had the flu, so I just didn't have the strength to find another place.

This week I am in the InTown suites.  It is MUCH better.  I am rooming with another SOIT, so it is working out to roughly $100/wk.  You get a small kitchenette, and free high speed internet (wireless only)

New R.V Facility located 7 miles from Plant Farley also 7 miles from Ceded Springs Papere Mill. 62 lots all with fiberglass tables. laundry Facility, Pool with bath facility's. Large Pavilion. 12 Shaded Lots. 20 Gravel Lots with concrete pad for table. 30 lots gravel parking, with grass lawn. Also rent campers, Furnished Efficiency Apartments, also Camper Cabins 1 Bed Room with Loft Bed Room.
Shallow Creek 1128 North Broadway
Ashford Alabama. 36312
Toll Free 1877-586-4920


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