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Have worked there alot in the last few years.  Pretty good place, nice house techs.  Even better since Constellation took over.  better than the place next door...

Any place that lets me work there without a for cause drug test, right after the Feds seize my Caddy because they claim the 2.5 grams of coke they found inside was above zero tolerance, can't be all bad. Ah the memories! Mechanic cart races in the drywell basement, NRC forced shutdown, underaged girls in all the bars, 200 inches of snow and a room above a bar with a laudry. All this and the Scrog-man too. Who could ask for anything more?

:)I have worked there for every outage for the last 5 years.Good people great bars and the plant is a good place to work.I'll go there anytime. :)


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