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Another hole, particle city. I remember sitting at the control point and I reached behind me and causually opened up and electircal panel that was not secured. Someone had hidden High contamination signs in all their panels!I took them out a showed bad boy Bob, "Hey someone hid these signs in your electrical panels- don't worry, I took them all out." Turns out they were supposed to be there. The ceiling lights had a thick layer of 50k dust on it. Things got worse in the contaminated areas.

On the 95 foot level guys standing around in their underwear were getting contaminated waiting in line to use the frisker. They were leaning against a concrete wall (right below the fuel pool) which was leaching.

They also spent a fortune at this plant to figure out why all the pigeons perched outside the Reactor building were dieing. The brought the experts in to examine the birds. After a few days and much expense they figured out the birds were dieing because the workers were throwing stones at them.

I heard OC went on strike this week.


Anybody have the details?

All we heard was that the union guys have
been working without a contract for several months,
and they finally got fed up and walked!!!!! ???


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