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There is nothing to do in Delta, PA but...
For a furnished room that's just a few minutes from the plant contact Pam or Bob running the Delta General Automotive Parts Store and Billiard Goods. They rent available room/rooms that are not filled by locals above their store. Rent is paid weekly and all rooms share one bathroom and the full kitchen. Call: 717-456-7079 or email: deltagen@bdusa.com this info was good as of Fall/03. Oh yeah, if you don't mention that you wll be working at the Peach you'll be told they don't have any rooms.

There are only three civilized places,  Bel Air in Maryland, York or Lancaster PA. York is the same side of the river as the plant, Lancaster is across the bridge and north of Quarryville and "The Buck". It has the most restaurants and hotels.

Last year I stayed at the Super 8 in Aberdeen, clean, nice staff, reasonable rates, Aberdeen is not a bad drive, plenty of shopping/eating opportunities - great little italian place in shopping center across the road behind the wendys - about 5 minutes from a walmart

I worked night shift and the cleaning staff obeyed the do not disturb sign! 

suggest you join trip rewards if don't already and book through them for the best available rate

good luck and have a nice outage  :)

The Peach Bottom Inn


--- Quote from: illegalsmile on Aug 31, 2007, 05:51 ---The Peach Bottom Inn

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Peach Bottom Inn said they have been booked for a year.  They recommended The budget Inn or Super 8 in Aberdene MD

Budget Inn $259.95/wk -- NO High speed Internet
Super 8 $350/wk WITH high speed internet.


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