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I always rent my cottage to nuke workers when Pilgrim has an outage.  Thought I'd get a head start this year.  Have a 2-bdrm. cottage for $1250 for the month, will also pro-rate if you don't stay a full 2nd month.  Includes all utilities, cable and internet.


I have a 2BR home for rent that is one mile from the power plant.  It's $1200 per month, available until 6/15.  Contact pcgilland@yahoo.com for further information.

In Plymouth,  The Comfort Inn on Samoset St has special pricing for Entergy.  Also, for the shout down in the spring, they will be offering special pricing

The Hampton Inn offers an Entergy Rate of $89 or $99 per night.  They offer breakfast and there are numerous restaurants in the area, within walking distance.  Better book now because they won't have them long if they still do.

Looking for short term housing, proximity and  comfort! I have two fully furnished year round residences ( One 3 bedroom/ 1 full bath with 1/2 bath & outside shower,  and one 4 bedroom/ 2 full baths with additional outside shower) located in Priscilla Beach which is less than a half mile from the plant for rent. Competitive pricing based on group size and time period. All utilities included, linens, Washer and dryer, pantry items and cable/ wireless internet through out. Ocean views as well! Taking reservations for 2017 refueling time period! 

Photos available at :


Contact Colleen @ Plymouthrental1@gmail.com for pricing and further information. Secure credit card payment through homeaway.com available.


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