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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

Emerald Isle Motel, Hampton, NH 603-929-1807


One guy moved 3 times in 6 weeks! All have creative phone charges - worst was Hampton Harbor on South end of Hampton Beach. Free local calls but "local" is to another room only and spotty switchboard manning so most calls from home were longdistance to get a recording. Sails Inn and some others have auto switchboard for same rate. This was winter ,November, so somewhat better in-season.

Until the beach season is over, everything is going to be very expensive anywhere in that area.
It's a big tourist trap area.
After August, the motels in the Hampton Beach area are very reasonable (~$150/wk).  
If you get off I-95 at the Seabrook exit (Rt.107) and take a left, there will be a motel just after the intersection (on your right, I think it's a Best Western) that has long-term furnished units, but last I checked (a couple of years ago), they wanted over $500/week.
If you've gotta go, don't worry about getting stuck sleeping in the car, there are thousands of little motels all over the area, but as I said, be prepared to cough up the dough (at least $40-50 a nite) till after August. Make sure you don't show up on a weekend, though, most units will be filled Fri and Sat nites for sure.  
You might be able to make a deal on a Mon-Thu basis if you plan on getting home every weekend, but at least you'll get a few days to look around if you show up on Mon or Tue.  
As you get out towards Portsmouth it gets a little cheaper around north Hampton. It's a bit of a drive but you'll save a lot. Unless it's winter time stay away from the beach though!

most of the beach motels  go to off peak ater the hoilday.and its all nice up there and there are some RV parks in the area.

If you like seafood, ride up to dover point on route 4 headed toward concord and double back toward the coast, to get to Newicks, best lobster and clams anywhere. AND now that Boston's Deer Island sewage plat has ben rebuilt the clams are safe to eat! Check out York ME also great beaches and saltwater taffy at the Goldenrod. Great family weekend spot. Also Wicked good pizza place around the corner and a block down, near the amusement park and fire station, just can't remember the name of it. Enjoy!

Duke Nuker:
Beach Veiw Motor Inn   Located on Ocean Blvd. Hampton. Very close to the plant. This Inn is very nice and has great rates for the outages. Call 603-926-2520

Reposted - DN

The Grand View Motel on Hampton Beach is close and very reasonable. The owner Gary Smith can be reached at 603-926-5171 for availability. Winter rates are cheap and there are lots of kitchenettes.


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