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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

Stone Castle Motel, South of Berwick isn't too bad.  
Cheep rent, will take a personal check but no credit cards.  
Will cash a PD check if part of it pays your rent for the week.  
Refrigerator & microwave in most rooms.  
Clean but no frills.  
Check out Bell Bend Apartments. Its within stones throw of the site.


The Press Enterprise is the local newspaper, they are online (www.pressenterpriseonline.com). You can view the apartments they have for rent in the "Classifieds" under "Real Estate for Rent".

Currently have a couple of openings approximately 1 mile from Susquehanna Steam Electric Station (SSES). Furnished, utilities included, move right in. Call (570) 752-3968 or e-mail mecope@webtv.net for more information.

Stone Castle is as advertised.  The weekly rate is 132.50, after four weeks they drop the tax and it becomes 125.00.  About the only drawback is there are no phones in any of the rooms.  Other than that, what a deal!

Try Bloomsburg. it's not as close as Berwick but WB is a good 40 min ride on a good day!

And about the Stone Castle....
stayed there a couple of years ago...
don't expect to take a shower there...
the H20 stinks & I can pee faster!

Bloomsburg and Berwick are closer to the plant, but there are not much to choose from though.  There are a few places to choose from Wilkes-Barre, I know it is a little ways to drive to and from the plant.  But, it is almost like that every where you go to.  There are few suites and motels around Wilkes-Barre area. blueml56

Has anyone tried the Buckhorn Econolodge? I used to stay there all the time when I drove back and forth from CT/Millstone to Illinois. From what I can remember, Buckhorn was pretty close to Berwick.



--- Quote ---Just recieved a rate of 47.00 per day at candlewood in wilkes barre. is that rate good or should i look somewhere else. any tips would be greatly appreciated.  
--- End quote ---
dude thats a great place alot of guys are staying there and the hampton inn next to candlewood
those hotels are awsome trust one of us!!!!!


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