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Seem like everyone rembers the second wave in.  Does anyone remember DDH (Al Holmes).  DDH was there to write the procedures, Russ Hall was the BMOC.  Seems like Moke arrived several months later.  The prime players were DDH, Interstate, and I forget the other one.  This is even before Bart-Let.  I believe that ARC took over in June of 1993...  Any one remember Bobby Splaine???

My wife informed me that we were married on May 21 1992 in Columbus Ohio, while working at King Ave.. :-[

arc contacted me in '92 to go to battelle.  we parted ways on the diem issue... the lack thereof.  i had no problem going there with out diem, but i wanted them to close on my house so i had cash in hand to go there with and buy a new house.  they had no sense of humor on that line. ::)

I hear a rumor on the nuclear grapevine that the project is going to be shut down effective wednesday untill ECC gets their plans and procedures in place is this true? and how many people do they plan to employ on the remaining  D&D work ? and any anticipated restart date? well thanks for the input.

I am trying to talk to a friend up there - will see what I hear back from him. ;D

The last word I heard from here was that the last day for all Bartlett and Battelle staff working for the BCLDP(D&D Project)was Tuesday (11/18/03).  I do not know when ECC is taking over.


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