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Hey Snowman,

How in the hell are ya? I hope all is well out west. 

1992 will forever have a stronghold on my memory. Without question the best job I've ever been associated. Holmey lining up beers 4 & 5 deep for the boys; Mary serving those ultra stout cadillac margheritas at the Jai Alai. Fairweathers...softball..and Russ Hall.

Moke,what's up man? . You said it well.  If he ain't the smartest, he's damn close. Russ was a born leader. What he did with a bunch of rogue HP techs was and is to this day the most impressive thing I've seen in this business. He was able to see these "other" skills in everyone, hence his colatteral assignments.   He gave us all every tool and opportunity to grow and succeed. That was quite an experience. To this day, I still call on many of the lessons I learned there to guide me.


what the heck is going on at this place now that ECC/E2/Closure Services has gotten the contract? 

What is the job outlook there like and how long will it take?

Will this new contractor do well or will they fall on their face?

If anyone knows any rumors, facts, or just wants to BS about the place let me know!!

which battelle location?? ???  i live near battelle of richland washington...

Battelle has several sites - ORNL, BNL, Ohio, PNNL and Pantex among others.

Battelle Columbus.


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