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I can say a few things about working at Battelle but I don't know what use it is since I last worked there almost nine years ago.
I was there in 1994 and was working at the King Avenue site right in Columbus Ohio, across the street from OSU campus. The job was in building #5, I think. Task... decon the machine shop!
I can only say good things about my experience there. I was younger and this was my first time being away from home. The decon work was fun, I thought, and most of the time the contamination we found in the shop was barely detecable levels. The hottest rad I saw in the building was 1 mR/contact on a ventillation duct T section. Just wipe down tools, metal stock, etc. and have HP survey them for free release. That was about it! Simple. A little boring at times, I guess, but not too bad.
This is where I meet Moke. He was kind of running the operation at the time as I remember. Moke went out of his way to make the job a fun work environment for everyone, and to help us newbies in the business by teaching us about the basics of radiation and health physics. A really great guy.
Meet some great friends there, and had lots of fun.
One bad thing I remember was that the buildings had radon in them, so at times, when the weather was right, it was nearly impossible to pass a personelle monitor because we were "all gassed up". Kind of annoying.
Over all, this had to be one of the better road job experiences I've had in my life so I give 'er a 9 out of 10. Liked it there!  :)
Last I heard of that place was the main work was at the "West Jefferson" site. Personally I don't know anything about that end of the project.  ???

what's the latest on the contract change over?

as for my experiences at battelle they mostly are good times working there since 1993 until april of this year gave alot of us "roadies" the chance for some long term stability. O do say that with the slightest of hand considereing nothing is ever perm. in the nuke industry. since we are essentially working ourselves out of a job from the beginning of the project until the end of the closure project. even with this in mind we stay here hoping for the best. well i left in april since i could see the end coming soon and now am working the NASA plumbrook site.  as far as the battelle job goes met a lot of good folks there and also got to see some famiiar faces such as moke ( ed young) whom i had with with a few years earlier at san onofre.  well hope everything works out for you remaining at the battelle site but do remember ther are other projects out there.

yes mike, the light at the end of the tunnel has been closing for sometime now I think that is why myself and some others have bolted from the comforts of home to persue other adventures. I myself left in April and am currently working the NASA plumbrrok project well hope all is good for everyone.


I see where ECC and E2 are moving in to take over the D&D work and the protest filed against the award to them was not upheld.

Whats the role of Batelle in the future D&D work ??



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