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Rain Man,
Mike is correct, I'll start a new thread for other things.
Lodging info is as follows:
Shores Condominium Resorts
1801 E. Perry St.
Green Cove Resort Owners Assn.
3970 N. Mary Ann Dr.
Come Sail Away Condos
2039 E. Harbor Rd.
Island House Inn
(419) 734-2166
All but Green Cove are in town, Green Cove is right by the plant, convenient to work, but you have to drive at least 15 mins for everything else! Remember when renting a condo, every one is different, If the one they show you doesn't suit you, ask to see another one. Sometimes you can find one with nice extras like a washer and dryer, or big screen TV for little or no extra cost. The Island House is a nice Hotel in town, and they used to have killer good happy hours as I previously stated, and if you stay there you don't have to worry about DUI's

This is a warning message about Erie Island Resort and Marina, 4495 Darr Hopfinger rd. here in Port Clinton, OH (Davis Besse). I had been staying here since march for $500 a month didn't have to pay for utilities or phone, they stated rates would not go up for the summer for Davis Besse people.  Well in May I went ahead and paid for three months in advance just to make sure they didn't book it up for the busy season, it's a time share place and the owners come down for the summer.  I get home yesterday and they left a note on my door that said i have to move out today and that I will not be getting a refund and stated that I still owed them $900.00. They're trying to tell me that the $1500 I paid on May 15 was just for May 15 to June 15 because of the rate increase and not for the next three months. Let's see, June 15 to July 2, roughly about 2 weeks, half of $1500 is $750. I'm from down south, is the math up here different? I am not the only one they are doing this to, the guy living under me is in the same situation with them. I guess I should have gotten it in writing. I just want to make sure that no one else has to deal with these people again.


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REMEMBER this address!!!  129 N. Locust Street, Oak Harbor! I'd advise you sleep under a bush in the snow rather then rent from these people. I worked Besse for close to 2 yrs. and made the mistake of renting there - it is a small house smack downtown Oak Harbor, sits on the corner of Rt.19 & Water St. across from the laundrymat & daycare.

The owners seem great until you move it. My front door was held in place by duct tape the entire time,the porch roof leaks so you can't put anything out there,basement backs up with toilet/shower water it also has a big crack running down the wall so big you can look outside and the snow, etc. comes right on in, garage roof leaks so much water pours in, bathroom ceiling leaks as well. Major electric problems in house, sockets zap and smoke, electric goes out for days on end destroying any food you have not to mention I lost my TV, micro. etc. YES I did complain, wrote letters, made phone calls, etc. kept getting promises it would get done... never did.

DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!!! It is like living in a nightmear.... believe me.

Mike McFarlin:
Mr Eds and Nicks in Port Clinton. Can't forget the Wharf Lounge on SR 2.

Mike McFarlin:
Our Guest Inn next to Wendys in Port Clinton 419-734-7111.


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