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usta be the favorite plant of mine to go to!, course, that wuz inna 70s, but it wuz welll, run, lots of different types of affordable housing, enertainment wuz available, 'n the geography is superbe wid lakes 'n hills 'n everything a man could want.... the wimmen wuzn't bad neither ;)

I really enjoy working with all the Bartlett Core at the other techs at all three Duke sites. Good Group of people and good Bartlett Co-ordinators: Phil Kelley, Rick Smith and Bill Mc Cleod.  :) :)

Oconee is a good place to work an outage... the layout of the facility is easy to remember.. the best thing about the area its located in, is the scenery and the diving ;D ;D i know when i get to oconee i can always look forward to some deep diving in that cold mountain lake water.. jocassee lake. nelson gardner and his people are great to work with too...........

:o  I like working Oconee, expecially when I get to pick on the RP's on the Turbin deck.  Everybody is really nice to work with.   My motto is SMILE, it makes people wonder what your thinking about!!!!!!!!!!


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