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If anyone has lodging information for Braidwood, please post it here.

You can always check us out...http://foxriverbnb.com

We already have one nukeworker here and we have three rooms left.
Two of them are big rooms with two beds in each room, A queen and a twin in one and a king and full in the other. The smaller room has a full size bed, but we can easily change that to two twins.

We offer these rooms for $175 a week!
If you do the math, that equals $87.50 per person for the week with two guests per room. You dont have to buy breakfast, and you can relax on 17 acres in the country just 8 minutes from Ottawa. Oh yeah, we are pretty close to the site too...

If you want to have the room for two people with the breakfast, I will negotiate with you too.. Call now and book it before they are gone...1 815 431 9257

Think on it. Planes Trains and Autos was filmed at the Motel out by the hwy . the Briadwood Inn ha ha ! what a place it was back in the old days. we had some  fun there roomed. next door to Joe Rohdes  where is joe now?
we could never find Bill Ziegler where was he hiding?

Dave Warren:
Morris....mostly motels....small town with small town attitude
Joliet......motels and efficiencies and some apartments.......bigger town with bigger town attitude
Coal City, Braceville, Braidwood.....eat, drink, go to bed......very small town attitude

There are a couple motels at the Braidwood exit off of 55. One of them they used in the movie "Planes, Trains, And Automobiles", so ya got that going for ya.

Elks Motel a little farther north on 55.

Joliet has dozens of motels. Check Channahon also.

When you get to the site, alot of the house techs and other friendly Exelon people will be renting rooms, on the bulletin boards, cafeteria, etc.

I used to stay at the Knights Inn??? in Kankakee.  It has been 10 years.  But weekly rate, Sports bar attached to Hotel with full menu, just off of I-57, within 40 minutes of Braidwood.


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