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When I was there I stayed at
Pump Handle Inn
2620 11th Street
Rockford, IL 61109
815 398 4740
has its own bar
reasonable prices
laundry in basement

1 ROOM 511 S. 2nd St. Furnished, $95/week plus dep., No pets, 815 962-2800

Pump Handle Inn Rooms as low as $99 per week, with or without Dep. 2620 11th St. Call 815 398-4740.
 *note- Pump Handle is a little run down.

Roomate-Quiet home, dishwasher, washer & dryer, Cable TV, $300 no dep. 14th & Charles. 815 494-1604

Remodeled Room Need to rent it Call 815 962-8286

TRAVELING PROFESSIONAL has 2 bedroom apartment to share in S.E. Rkfd. You take big bedroom and make house your own for only $360 per mo. Heat and electricity inluded. No pets. Prefer non smoker. Call 715-835-1784 leave name and phone for call back.

Villager Lodge
4404 E. State St.                       1 bedroom $100-300
Rockford, IL  61108
Call Toll Free: (866) 288-2421
Fax: (815) 399-1898
Contact: Brenda Adams
 *note- alot of people use this place during outages, they are very friendly and helpful, its close to alot of eating and businesses. about 25 minute drive to the plant. also in safer area.

Hope some of these help.  Look on www.rrstar.com thats the local newspaper site with rental classifieds

the villager is one of the best, if your looking for a clean place.
There are a few rat holes, Pump Handle Inn etc...

As of Aug. 13th the Villager lodge is offering $179 per week single bed.
$225 per week double bed.

Contact info is on a former post in this section.

Pump Handle Inn  
2620 11th St, Rockford, IL 61109
Phone: (815) 398-4740

The Pump Handle Inn would not commit to a "special" price, they have single beds only from $99-170

Update....Super 8 in Rockford
Single $50 plus tax per night
Double $55 plus tax per night

Red Roof Inn
Single 39.99 plus tax per night
Double 44.99 plus tax per night

Studio Plus (for the kitchenette/laundry people)
Single (with queen bed and sleeper sofa)
$310 plus tax per week
Single (no sleeper sofa)
$259 plus tax per week
Heavy occupancy will not quote price or availability

There are more hotels here...if any of these do not work, contact me and i will hunt further.

   If you are there in the fall you can attend the annual "Turkey Testicle Festival", how is that for Local Flavor.
   An interesting crowd usually attends, a lot of bikes and leather. I saw a chopper with extended forks and a nitrous tank on it one year...ouch!!!


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