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The Extended Stay in Champagne is the place to stay.  40 miles away but all interstate.  Well worth the drive.  Full kitchen. ;D

I have lived in Clinton between outages for 12 years.  I personally like Bloomington, it's 30 minutes north, has lots of apartments and motels, plenty to do in the area when your not working.
Clinton is a nice little town but not much to do there, and most of the watering holes are just that, 'HOLES'.  I do concur that the Wye Motel and Town and Country are not very good, of course that could be because they have been tax write-offs for the owners.
Decatur is not a very good place to go as far as I'm concerned, but Forsyth is only 15 minutes away and has most of the shoping you need without going into Decatur.
The drive to Champaign is 20 minutes Interstate and 20 minutes State Route, if you don't run into a County Mounty.

I stayed at the Town and Country last outage (spring 2002).
Most of the rooms were showing their age but the owners were in the middle of a complete remodeling process and the newly renovated rooms looked pretty nice. Refrigerators were also available and if nothing else a 10 minute drive to work is at least some convenience while working 12's.
The Three Stars restaurant next door is quite good and the bar is open for breakfast if you are working nights.

Also, being between Decatur and Bloomington is nice on days off. A short drive to either.

lol...Austria  just make sure ya dont get the rooms that havent been remodeled....there were alot of unidentifiable stains...not only on the sheets...but in the drawers to???
i gave my room up and moved to Bloomington to the Ramada...not the cheapest the outage price was $23 per night single...but they had an indoor pool...hot tub..pool table so it worked for me.

Stay away from Timber Cove AKA Lake Wood Shore in Decatur, had a month to month but had a month penalty, they kept my deposit (the place was clean and undamaged when I left.) They also wanted to charge me to shampoo the carpets. These people say one thing and when it comes down to the end, they forget it.

The Wye motel and Town&Country are right in Clinton. They are not that clean but are fairly cheap if you don't mind that. There is a Best Western in Clinton, but it is probably full and if not is overpriced for the area. Some of the people at CPS rent out houses or rooms. That is about all you got in Clinton. If you don't find anything in Clinton you could try Farmer City. It is about the same distance from the plant and there are a few motels there. I would suggest that you don't stay in Decatur.

There is also Lincoln, Illinois. It's about 20 miles west of Clinton on Highway 10. The Budget Inn is cheap but past its prime. It used to be a Holiday Inn about 20 years ago. It is on the old Rte 66 on the north end of town on the Business Loop 55. To get there just go west on Rt 10 to the first stop sign in Lincoln. Turn Right go to the first light. Turn right and go about half a mile just past the GM dealer on the left. There are also other motels on the west end of town on Highway 10. To get there go west on Rt. 10 to the first stop sign. Turn right and go straight about two miles past Wal-mart or turn left on Business 55 and go to the next light. There is a motel that used to be a Ramada on the right.


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