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I've been scouting around looking for info on Alloy 600 issues and haven't seen much, so I thought I would start this thread. If there's a better place I haven't found, maybe a helpful moderator will relocate this. Anybody out there had much experience with the companies out there?

Since Alloy 600 seems to be the biggest threat to our industry since TMI, we ought to be sharing info. What I've noticed is what seems to be an embarassed silence after the deed is done, like nobody wants to admit they've just been had. I'm beginning to understand.

In order to protect the guilty maybe we should refer to the players as Wussy, Pissy, and Arrevaderci.

Having hosted the happy crew from Wussy for 8 cutout/replacements and 12 overlays, we thought we had a grip on things. What nobody imagined was that this time they would send the B crew - a Devil's brew of people who know better but don't care, in charge of a mix of new people who have no clue when they're being led astray, bt are happy to be making all that fat cash. They know just what to tell the HPs to keep them out of the way, so that they can happily grind away on mRad and act all innocent when they alarm the PCMs, and claim the crew above them working on Service Water crapped them up. Swear to God, I couldn't make this up.

So anyway, if you want a model for your upcoming outage, just watch those Capitol One commercials with the pirates swarming everywhere - that's going to be your Containment Building. I guess the good news is we can't all end up in the 4th Quartile at the same time, right?

I know Vogtle had some fun with Pissy recently, but haven't heard any details.

Sorry to hear the experiences you are aware of have gone sour. At Cook we have finished our PZR overlays (top and bottom), and, as far as I know, are satisfied with the result. The big French company did the work, and except for the usual "he said, she said" stuff at the worker bee level, the jobs went smoothly - very professional crews and the desired outcome. Our Project Manager kept a pretty tight rein on us and the boys from Va and that may have helped. Our ALARA crew worked up some innovative shielding packages and we even came in below our ALARA estimate. I was involved from the beginning on both projects. PM for more info, perhaps we have something you can use.

Ohh man, we have 16 welds that we have to do at my plants next outage.  I don't want an outage that goes bad.  :'(

Your analogy is pretty funny, but sadly was very true.  At least at the outage I was at.  Wussie feels they are the only true craftsman on site, and they had no problems pointing it out, on many, many occassions.  Any personnel contamination was not their fault, they couldn't possibly have done anything wrong and even got to the point of trying to hide it because reports were being generated.  These reports are generated on ANY personnel contamination but the boys from Wussie just didn't seem to get that.  They might be top notch welders but they certainly don't know very much about interfacing and being radiation workers.

   ...need description of access and physical layout of pressurizer cube at Catawba 2 for 3/14/09 outage for alloy 600 project...small bore nozzles...replacement, repair, overlay..

   ...concern is lower containment (ice condenser) space and access constraints...



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